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Scroom Abyss Walker (no armour for absolute drip)


Abyss Walkers excel as heavy hitters, applying curse stacks in combat to deal large chunks of damage with their greatsword while knocking their enemies away. Abyss Walker is the Chaotic Greatsword Ultra class, branching out from the Warlord Super class.

How to obtain

  • Max out the Warlord Super class.
  • Have 15 grips worth of Chaotic to start the Abyss Walker quest, and 60 grips worth to earn your skills.
  • Speak to Enibras, who will give you a quest to kill two 25 Orderly players to take their skulls. You can kill the same high orderly person twice to obtain both skulls. 5 Tespians, Homeless Man Quest, Health Potion Quest and Southern Sanctuary scroom Quest is enough Orderly. (Soul Rip does not count, it has to be a manual grip.)
  • Return to Enibras after obtaining both skulls. Enibras will now give you a torch that you must bring to the brazier in the Church of Ardor, located in the Sea of Dust. It is possible to fail the quest by letting the torch burn out. Strengthen the torch at various fire sources throughout the map.
  • When you reach the Church of Ardor, climb up to the roof and light the brazier with your torch. If you complete the quest, you will see a dialogue box from Ardor, reading, “Good, my child. Now come to me.”
  • After seeing the dialogue, jump into the abyss below to begin learning your skills. (Abyss Walker skills are free.)
  • Pay 750 silver for the armor and 200 for the sword.


Abyss Walker Stats
Stats 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Damage/Hit O O O O O O O O O O
Hits/Time O O O O
Health O O O O O O O
Resistance O O O O O O O O
Adaptability O O O O
Combat Mobility O O O
Running Away O O O
Difficulty Using O


  • Wrathful Leap - Leap into the air and cause a small shockwave upon landing. Anyone hit by the shockwave is administered a curse stack. Wrathful Leap grants you fall damage immunity. This can be blocked both physically and with Monk shield, but not with Mana or Curse shield.
  • Abyssal Scream - You let out a mighty roar, applying a curse stack to everyone nearby, Including yourself and housemates. This now counts as a spell, in the sense you can mana shield with it.


  • Sumo Combat - Abyssal Combat is obtained by speaking to Enibras in The All-Dark. This passive allows you to purchase the Abyssal Greatsword. Your M1 combo is replaced with a spin, long jab, and slam, and an unblockable flip attack replaces your M2 attack.

Class Traits (Gained Upon Completing Torch Quest)

  • Abyss Walker - Completing the torch quest grants this passive. Jumping into the Abyss will now transport you to the All-Dark. Note that only the Abyss found in the Sea of Dust will teleport you to The All-Dark. Voids found at Tundra, Sunken Passage, and Sleeping Forest will kill you.
  • Enemy of Solan - You cannot obtain Tomeless. If you were Tomeless before completing the quest, you will die when you jump into the Abyss.


  • Range - Abyssal Swords have a large range for a melee weapon.
  • Cheap - Abyss Walker is the cheapest ultra. It requires only 1330 silver to go from fresh spawn to max. (Armor + Greatsword + Warlord + Warrior)
  • High Health - Armor gives 1.6x HP and 1.5x regen.
  • High Damage - Despite lacking any combos, Abyss Walker can deal ridiculous amounts of damage, even more so with curse stacks.
  • Quick - M1 and M2 can be deceptively quick.
  • Closed Environments - Enemies without exceptional movement capabilities are likely to struggle to fight you in small spaces. It is possible to infinite combo someone stuck in a corner or against a wall.
  • Easy to Use - Abyss Walker is one of the easiest ultras to use.( but the uber abyss is hard to use)
  • Free Mana Shield - Abyssal Scream gives you a mana shield to protect you against spells.


  • No Tomeless - Though Abyss walker is strong without it, having tomeless can aid any class for what ever reason it may need it for, in Abyss Walker's case, spells like snap gelidus and gate could compensate for the class's lack of speed and it could also use spells like telorum to fight off the vampire meta. Not being able to have tomeless limits build opportunities and makes you very reliant on your weapon. This is not a problem in Khei however
  • Small Moveset - None of your Warrior abilities carry over. You don't have many tools to work with. On the bright side, this also makes Abyss Walker one of the easiest ultras to use.
  • Combo Difficulty - High knockback and a lack of moves make it difficult to combo in open areas. You will have to rely on single M1 hits and Wrathful Leap for damage output.
  • Evasive Builds - Fischeran and Dzin dodges are devastating for you. With slow movement and low hit count, you will not be able to wear down Wind Shield or Awakened within a reasonable time frame.
  • Inflexible - Despite Abyss Walker being notorious for its low skill requirement, it can also be quite predictable due to said lack of variety.
  • Weapon Reliance - You rely heavily on your weapon. A disarmed Abyss Walker is as good as dead.
  • Slow Movement - Even with Wrathful Leap, fast classes like Shinobi can out-maneuver you, and mage classes can zone you with ease. From the slow movement the name "Obese Walker" is derived.

Notable Builds

  • Rigan - 2x mana charge + flood + evamp = easier escape and better mobility. the same apply to dinakeri runes
  • Gaian - Trade the high health regen of the armor for increased mobility. The Slash Resistance and Poison Immunity are helpful, too. Plus, this is the cheapest ultra build in Gaia, because getting both Gaian upgrades costs less silver than buying the armor.
  • Kasparan - The 25% Slashing damage reduction is a great boost to your tankiness, and the fire damage reduction is useful for Vampire, which in turn is particularly useful for Abyss Walker. You also get Respirare, which is basically a free faster casting ignis without tomeless.
  • Vind - You can use Tempest Soul to deflect certain abilities and spells, which can sometimes act as a replacement for having no spells to use in combat.
  • Haseldan/Dinakeri - Last Stand/Bloodline or runes increase your already high base damage, and runes provide mobility especially as a vampire to make up for Abyss Walker's lack of mobility.
  • Cameo - Abyss Walker's cannot get tomeless, which makes cameo's no-spell passive meaningless with this class. Cameos have a total of 1872 HP (armor and Sigil Helmet) at nine lives.
  • Fischeran/Dzin - Fischeran's Wind Shield and Dzin's Awakening both provide defense against agile classes with lots of attack speed like Faceless One and Shinobi.
  • Morvid - Flock gives you extra I-frames, allowing you to escape combos with ease.
  • Vampire - Vampire provides lots of speed while mana running, which makes Abyss walker very fast even without grim rogues armour. With the vampire knockback passive, the target will be knocked incredibly far with the greatsword which will give the Abyss walker a little bit of time to regenerate health with the elder vampire 4x regen passive.
  • Scroom - Very drippy, plus you can proc poison enchant more than other classes.
  • Navaran - Abysswalker's can not make escapes when they are not near an Abyss due their lack of mobility which makes emulate useful because it can emulate wingsoar which can be used to escape combos etc. Emulate can also be used to ease progression by emulating wraith helm and skipping the sigil quest, Dragon roar is useful for people who mana shield too much too. Devour is a good passive for vampire providing a quicker way to revive hunger during a fight.
  • Construct - AbyssWalker = Big Damage, Construct Abysswalker with Lordsbane = Epik Damage Construct Abysswalker with Lordsbane and max curse stacks = Literal two shotter (no joke 30 damage plus max curse stacks, the enemy takes 3x as much damage plus 1.75x = 157.5 health in a single swing) if you get 2 hits off you can kill literally every class (unless their races gives hp or dodges), yes even skc, 2 hits does 315 damage which is the exact same as a skc with hyperbody (immortal cadence builds are an exception lol)
  • Kasparan - Kasparan gives Respire and More tankinis because of slash resistance (and fire resistance), since abyss walker has no tomeless respire is like ignis for it. Why is there 2 kasparan here?
  • Dullahan - Dullahan biting grenade is good if the victim is under the curse stacks.


  • If you don't have a torch and talk to Enibras, he will give you a torch, however it may appear unlit, this is a visual glitch, as when you re-light it it becomes lit by purple flames.
  • Abyss Walker's M1 cooldown is slightly shorter than the time it takes for a player to get up from being ragdolled, allowing you to instantly knock them down again the moment they stand up.
  • On your way to Enibras, you can bring a Tome with you and spam Viribus at the entrance of his cave so that howlers cannot reach you.
  • The amount of knockback that an Abyss Walker deals is insane, especially if they are a vampire. For reference, they can send you from one side of the map to the opposite inside a private server. If you are fighting an Abyss Walker, avoid cliffs as getting slammed off the side of one by an Abyss Walker will be devastating.
  • The best way to defeat an Abyss Walker is to play safe. They can annihilate people in close-quarter combat but have very low mobility. Keep your distance and actively try to bait them into using moves that give them endlag, or disarm them.
  • There is a known glitch where the Abyss in the Sea of Dust kills you as an Abyss Walker. If this happens, submit a restore ticket in the Rogue Lineage discord server.
  • This class is a reference to Artorias the Abysswalker from Dark Souls.
  • You can move stack the sword's M2 and Wrathful Leap to form a completely unblockable attack. If successful, your opponent will either be administered a curse stack or stunned due to their block being broken.
  • You cannot rekindle the torch on anything that isn't another torch. Campfires do not work. This is a lie, if you are desperate enough, do /e bowdown while holding the torch. It charges the torch but, obviously, sets you on fire. holy shit dark souls reference
  • You do not have to hold out the torch during the quest. This is useful for hiding it from other players, as they may attempt to ruin your progression.
  • Pulling out the torch in water will cause it to snuff out.
  • There is a glitch where you die of fall damage after jumping into the Abyss. If this happens, open a restore ticket in the Discord server.
  • It is best to have low ping and to be in a safe server while you are doing the torch quest.
  • Attempting to strengthen the torch with a Sigil Knight's Flame Charge will cause it to explode and snuff out, greatly damaging everyone nearby.
  • Attempting to gate to a location will cause the torch to be snuffed out. It is possible to relight the torch if you gate to desert 4 and relight it immediately.
  • You can still complete the torch quest if the brazier is lit. This means that someone else has completed the quest before you. If it does not work, record it and submit a bug report in the Discord server.
  • All the skills are free, as long as you have at least 60 grips worth of Chaotic. You do not need 60 grips of Chaotic to start the quest.
  • Note that you will be combat tagged for the duration of the quest. Failing the quest will not rid you of the combat tag.
  • The M2 cannot be Perfect blocked. However, it cannot break a Mage's Curse shield.
  • Technically, it's better if you wipe after dying to save silver, since a phoenix down tends to cost around 2000 silver, and getting this class only takes 1330 silver, but of course not actually worth it. (Go Khei to continue the progression)