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"A dark maelstrom of pure chaos rampages across the plane..."


The All-Dark (or The Abyss) is a pit of darkness located in the Sea of Dust, beneath the Church of Ardor. Anyone who touches it will be killed, save for Abyss Walkers, who instead disappear into The All-Dark upon contact. Here, Enibras can be found sitting on a couch with the Abyssal Greatsword and Abyss Walker armor up for sale behind him.



  • Attempting to enter The All-Dark with tomeless (except for Seraphs) will instantly kill you, even with the Abyss Walker passive.
  • Fall damage is negated entirely when you enter The All-Dark, regardless of whether the fall would have killed you or not.
    • If you are an Abyss Walker and up dying after jumping into the abyss (through fall damage or The All-Dark itself), you may submit a ticket for a restore in the Rogue Lineage discord server if you have a recording of it.
    • You should be able to enter The All-Dark as an Abyss Walker, regardless of alignment.
    • When doing the quest there is a small cliff under the church and many fall onto it so take caution when jumping.
  • If you talk to Enibras, he will offer you a regular Gate to a random desert location.
  • Lannis cannot die in The All-Dark. Backfiring gate to kill him simply does not work.
  • Serves as an exceptionally good place for Abyss Walkers to farm days, as anyone who isn't one will die.
    • This means that the only danger within The All-Dark are other Abyss Walkers, but they are uncommon as it is.
      • Should you get into a fight with an opposing Abyss Walker, be aware that the area you have to fight with is rather small, making it easy for either you or them to back the other into a corner. You may also escape via asking Enibras for a gate, but this process is incredibly slow.
  • Be aware that the ambient noise is rather loud, so take caution with regards to your audio volume when jumping into the abyss.
  • It is particularly difficult to see anyone or anything inside during night time.

    Image of The All-Dark during night.