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Azael are the demonic fire elemental race, known for their red skin, fire resistance, horns, the ability to teleport.


"Crimson horns,

With Gem-cut eyes,

An apple fell,

From a Serpent's lies."

- "Planewalkers", Unknown writer (Gaia Praeteritum)

Racial Abilities

  • Lineage - Azael runs in lineage.

Gate Mastery - Spawns with Gate (you still need to get the obelisks that aren't desert) and you can cast it at any percent out of combat (intentionally backfiring to get obelisks is a good idea as a freshie, but be careful as you can gate to a lethal location)

  • Hell's Flame - Immune to all regular fire, and has heat resistance (Applies to any fireplace, Ignis, White Flame Charge, etc. NOT green or white flame pits/domain of light). In return however, they can contract frostbite quicker than other races.
  • Par's Curse - Spawn with 2 lives (you can't use a Phoenix Down to increase it to 3) and can't go Vampire
  • Faster Mana Charge - Your mana charges at a 1.5x faster rate. You do not spawn with mana.

How to obtain

Obtained by using Azael Horns, which are an artifact that can be bought from the collector. Not every collector is guaranteed to have Azael Horns.

Pros and Cons


  • Easily the fastest progressing race in the game, due to the Gate spell. (Other than Seraphs)
  • High speed mana charge allows for quicker access to your mana based tools. You can run more often, cast spells faster, etc.
  • Cannot be set on fire by any means other than your own snap Ignis and backfiring Ignis or Manus Dei. Counters both flame charge, white flame charge, and their charged blows, effectively cutting a solans' moveset in half. Also counters spell combo wraith knights, as they cannot use Ignis or snap Ignis.
  • Snap Gate is a very useful traveling spell. Very great for escaping fights or moving fights to a different location.
  • Snap Gate does not take up a snap slot, allowing for an extra snap alongside gate. Azaels need one less soul snap for any soul snap build, meaning extra health.
  • The best race for looting, as Azaels keep snap gate whenever they wipe.


  • Azaels are permanently capped at 2 lives. The only way to get 3 lives as an Azael is from a global restore (this is not an issue if you go to Khei.)
  • Cannot get vampire. This is wasted potential, as vampire Azaels could possibly be one of the best builds in the game. Azaels cannot be set on fire so they won't have to worry about burning in fights, however they might be able to burn in the sun. The extra speed paired with 1.5x mana charge and the ability to get grim rogue's armour would make it incredibly fast. (Again, this is not an issue if you go to Khei.) Recommended Classes
  • Quick note: There actually IS a way to get vampire on ANY race, but it is incredibly hard. First you have to get Pumpkin Rot , which is very hard since the only way to get it is to meet Lord Jack Hexbane ingame and have him give you the disease, or from someone else who's about to implode. Once you do that, make sure you have the first alchemist skill. Then, eat a bloodthorn, and you get vampire. Keep in mind that after 1 hour, not ingame day, you implode and lose a life, curing you of the disease. If someone is around you when you implode, you don't lose a life but transfer the plague to the other player, still curing you of the disease

Lapidarist/Blacksmith - Blacksmith with Azael makes farming silver even easier than it already is for Azaels.


  • Abyss Walker Azaels CANNOT backfire gate to the all-dark.
  • The BEST race for Blacksmithing unless you're a Navaran blacksmith with snap gelidus soul snap gate and emulated wraith.
  • You will start out resonated with the Desert Obelisk. However, you can still gate to and click on the Obelisk to receive the resonate message.
  • Backcasting gate can take you to or near obelisks to resonate with.
  • Backfire gates appear red.
  • The first way to get Azael was to go into a backfire gate to Lucifer's Office. You had to pay Lucifer 2,000 silver and he would turn you into an Azael. On 4/27/2019, Azael was made unobtainable due to exploiters. On 5/12/2019, it was made obtainable again by talking to Charlie in the Burial Grounds with a Rift Gem, giving Rickert 10 Howler Fangs at Sleeping Snail, giving Redoric at Cardinal Crossing a Night Stone, and finally travelling to Castle in the Sky, entering the Scroom Lab, and talking to Lucifer, where he would make you an Azael for free. This sounds unfair, however at the time artifacts were duped so much by many different methods that at least 99% of arti players were duped, not even knowing if their artifact was duped themselves. Unfortunately, you could get the duped night stone and rift gem for only a couple thousand silver on the rogue lineage discord and presumably only a couple dollars on the black market discords as well. This led to WAY too many people getting Azael, so on 7/22/2019 Azael was made unobtainable, every Azael could not use phoenix downs, and the community was told they would add Azael back with a better method if they wiped all Azaels. On 7/31/2019 ragoozer asked the community if Azaels should be added back, and they voted on no. Azael was re-added with the current method on 9/13/2019, the reboot of update ultimate.
  • During the first two Azael methods, Azael was not a lineage race and you would be rerolled just like cameo. Azaels had half price at vendors, and 2x mana charge which was nerfed due Rigan having no other abilities.
  • On the first and the third/current method, Azaels spawned with snap gate without taking a snap slot. The second method required Azaels to train snap gate and take up a snap slot to use it.
  • The Race's name "Azael" most likely is a reference and spin on the Demon "Azazel".
  • Be wary of freshie Azaels; a common strategy among them is to backfire gate on you, potentially gating to an instant death location (All Dark, Temple of Altum)
  • Uber Class Gaians in Khei with regular Gaian armour that use Azael horns will lose their Gaian armour and get regular freshie armour, and they will be unable to get their class armour back.
  • When you use Azael horns, you will keep your old face unless you talk to the therapist to change your face and you will keep your old name.

Names: (Dinakeri/Azael)

Abaddon, Abraxas, Agares, Akkadian, Arumanfi, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Asura, Baal, Balam, Caim, Cimaris, Diablo, Djal, Dzoa, Eligos, Focalor, Gremory, Halphas, Iblis, Ifrit, Lechies, Malphas, Mammon, Mephistopholes, Marax, Masih, Naamah, Naberus, Namtar, Orcus, Orias, Paimon, Phenex, Raum, Shax, Tannin, Ur, Valac, Valefor, Vanith, Weritas, Wissam, Zagan, Zepar.