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"For the construct,

Hailed from cold,

Paid naught of coin, but soul.

He'll chop, he'll slice,

He'll prod and dice,

Change you, up whole,

Change you whole."

- Excerpt from "An Ode to Them" (Gaia Praeteritum)

"A perfect Construct... Amazing..."

- Lab Assistant (if you talk to him as a construct)


Constructs are a humanoid race. They can be obtained by entering Laboratory Sigma, and agreeing to help the Lab Assistant with his experiment. Upon doing so, you will be placed in a green tube. After one minute, you will either die, or become a Construct. Caution though, high chance of death.


Constructs have pale skin, green eyes, and dark blue hair. Like Cameos, this race's appearance builds upon your previous race's looks (If you are a race that doesn't have hair you will not have hair until you rejoin. If you have hair, you will get blue hair). You will keep your previous name upon transforming into a Construct. However, when you get wiped or rejoin the server you got Construct in, you will lose your past race's features (except for the face Haseldans keep berserk mode (my friend got cons on a shinobi haseldan evamp first try and when he got low he went into berserk, even after logging and in private servers), Ashiins keep their trained fist combat, Mercenary Carry and while in khei/ps they have Shoulder Throw, and Azael keep snap gate without using a snap slot). (More than just these were kept a long time ago).

This is just a theory of mine but im fairly sure you only keep racial passives that can be obtained by classes (except for haseldan beserk mode and snap gate)

Construct fail

How to Obtain

    • Reach day 1.
    • Reach Laboratory Sigma in the Tundra.
    • Talk to the NPC in the room and partake in his "experiment".
    • At that point, 2 scenarios may occur at random. You may obtain Construct and leave the tube. Alternatively, you will simply die on the spot and nothing else happens. '''(Arch_Mage has confirmed that there's a way to increase your chances of becoming a construct.)'''
    • While nothing is confirmed to increase your chances, the commonly believed theories are that either day count or class progression will increase your odds. If you want to increase your chances, it may be wise to progress a Monk, as it is the easiest super class to progress.

Racial Abilities

  • Lineage - Construct will be your new permanent race. (That is until you reroll of course.)
  • Winterborn - Constructs have a passive +3.75 cold resistance. They can last in the tundra for up to 8 and a half minutes without armor that gives cold resistance. (40 with tundra ranger)
  • Galvanize - Activating Galvanize restores you to half hp in exchange for raising your toxicity level by ~49%, and slightly knocks back people around you. You cannot use Galvanize if it would cause you to overdose. It can be used bring you out of a knocked state (also works when being carried or in the animation of being gripped). It only ragdolls them off of you. You need to drink 50 potions to obtain Galvanize. If you don't unlock it immediately, wait a bit, try charging Mana to max and/or rejoin. Has a cooldown of 10 minutes and also puts other resurrections on cooldown when used. This ability also can be used uniquely when a construct is being carried, and will force them to be dropped. It is good to note that if you're already gripping a construct, or use a faster way of doing so, such as Inferi or Axe Kick, they will die before it goes off and not being able to be restored. (You cannot drink potions for a minute after galvanizing)
  • Enhanced Toxicity Bar - Constructs can gain much more toxicity than other races before dying. They have 700% or 7x Toxicity. Due to the construct's artificial stomach, they are capable of drinking a significant increase of potions before death
  • Artificial Blood - Constructs have unnatural green blood. This is due to the fact that they are made in a laboratory. This is especially noticeable when hitting them with a sharp weapon. However, curiously, it can still become a vampire, despite all other races with unnatural green blood being unable to. This blood is also shared with Scrooms, but they can be fed on by Vampires, unlike the latter.
  • Mercenary Drink - Constructs can walk and roll around while drinking potions. This ability is useful for classes with special dashes such as dragon sage, as well as faceless.


  • Galvanize only heals 50% of your hp. Meaning that squishy classes (such as faceless with sigil helmet, totaling 169 hp, will only heal 85 instead of pre-nerf 100)
  • Any class with instant kill moves can cancel the start up for galvanize, killing you. (Negated by having a class that has mythic stability, like wraith and sigil knight)
  • You can't drink pots for 60s after galvanize
  • The rarest tomeless race, meaning people will be much more willing to jump you. (Not really since Dzin is harder to get)

Getting Construct is really luck based.


  • Undying - Health potions and Galvanize are easy ways to increase the effective health of any class.
  • Utility - Able to use utility potions like Bone Growth and Feather Feet without much consequence.
  • Tundra Dweller - Able to last a lot longer in tundra compared to all the other races.
  • Honestly just looks so freaking cool.


  • Construct is one of the 2 races that can drink Lordsbane and Kingsbane.
  • Construct is an extremely helpful race to utilize if you don't know the tundra. While wearing Tundra Ranger you have around 40 minutes of exploration time before getting frostbite.
  • You will NOT be able to use Snap Gelidus any longer than a normal race, sadly.
  • You can no longer go Construct Gaian and keep the armor. If you do so your armor will be replaced by freshie Morvid armor.
  • If you attempt to talk to the NPC in the lab while in a forcefield or if somebody pushes you out of the tube, the NPC will say "Did you really think that would work?" but nothing else will happen. (If you don't believe watch this video)
  • You can't drink and climb.
  • For a bit of lore on Construct click here
  • By becoming a high-damage class and drinking a Lordsbane you can potentially instant-knock specific classes.
  • If you go Construct as a race that has no hair or a custom face, you can get hair and a Construct face by talking to the Therapist. This does not affect your name.
  • You cant get a happy face from the therapist as a construct
  • When going to Khei, Construct's 'Galvanize' and Cameo's 'Cat Lives' abilities are formed together in Homunculus' ability 'Battery'.
  • If you are a scroom and go construct, you can still decompose after. However when you rejoin you lose decompose and detoxify if you have it.
  • Constructs are a race that can turn the tides of a fight, and go from almost dead to max hp just with some health potions, and if they do get knocked they can simply galvanize
  • If my math is correct, Constructs can drink 175 Vints, making them the true alcoholics of Gaia

    Construct decomposing.

Best Classes to go

  • Dragon Slayer - Once low you can fly away and drink potions.
  • Lapidarist - Gives one of the tankiest classes in the game even more health.
  • Oni - Drink Lordsbane and your enemy is dead. (Lordsbane most likely only multiplies the damage of physical attacks similar to Runes from a Dinakiri, they made Onis moves not physical attacks because the damage multiplier would be unbalanced, not like gaia isn't unbalanced anyways but i mean, they at least changed this)
  • Deep Knight - With your non existent mobility, you can't chug when you're being ganked by dagger classes (which is 60% of gaia) and navaran dragon slayers. - or you could drink a lordsbane and 1 combo people.
  • Master Necromancer - Use shriekers as a distraction to drink potions
  • Wraith Knight - Gives a tanky class more mobility with Kingsbane, high health regen with Health Potions, and Galvanize if you get knocked. (Imagine = Wraith Knight is a tanky class, Wraith Knight with Runes is a even tanky class, Wraith Knight with Potions and runes are a REALLY tanky class, and a Wraith with Runes, Potions and a Ressu, you become a GOD)
  • Faceless/Dragon Sage- Shadow Step works very well with Mercenary Drink since you can dash out of a combo and easily drink a Health Potion.
  • Shinobi - You can grapple to a high place then chug potions while waiting for your enemy to climb to you. (Worse Gaian Shinobi)
  • Whisperer - Having the high speed and the double jump allows you to escape fights and drink potions.
  • Sigil Knight Commander - Elder vampire + Hyperbody + Solans + Construct = A virtually unkillable build.( except if you get hit by manus dei a few times )
  • Abyss Walker - Lordsbane + Abyssal Sword deals 52.5 damage per M1. This combined with Curse Stacks from Abyssal Scream and Wrathful Leap will allow for insane damage and the potential to one-combo nearly anyone.
  • Mage classes - You can use hoppa and then chug a potion.