Dragon Slayer (commonly shortened to just dslayer) is the orderly spear Ultra class progressed from Dragon Knight. Instead of utilizing long combos, Dragon Slayer is able to do insane amounts of damage with only a couple hits and combos.

How to Obtain

  • Max Dragon Knight
  • Slay the Ice Dragon. The Ice Dragon is invincible to standard attacks; you must make him ram into the pillar suspending the bridge to Castle Sanctuary. The bridge will fall on him, instantly killing him, but wait for a shutdown as the dragon is almost always glitched. You can also kill it by letting a necromancer friend Snap Tenebris him to death, or letting a Sigil Knight Commander friend use Fire Charged Blow to kill it. Both those moves curiously can damage and kill him. Alternatively and as a last ditch effort, you can use dagger throw from the dagger base class. Wraith knight can use dark eruption on it isn't true, tested on my dsk, and Druid can use snap perflora.
  • Gain enough orderly where you are able to perform "/e meditate". (60 orderly, 8 rots if you are dragon knight orderly and have completed 4 orderly quests)
  • Head to Skycastle. (Where the trainer is).
  • Talk to Fang outside the throne room, 350 per skill. (250 for armor) (1300 in total).


Dragon Slayer
Stats 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Damage/Hit O O O O O O O O O O
Hits/Time O O O O O
Health O O O O O O O O
Resistance O O O O O O
Combat Mobility O O O O O O
Running Away O O O O O O O O O O
Difficulty Using O O O


  • Wing Soar - Gives you 3 jumps, first clicking being extremely high and next 2 clicks being smaller jump boosts, also negates all fall damage. Can only be in the air for 5 seconds after using or you'll take fall damage. 15 second cool-down.
  • Thunder Spear Crash - Your spear flashes with lightning, you rise into the air and strike downwards in a diagonal path instantly, upon impact creates a huge AOE that knockbacks everyone and your character will take about 2 seconds to be able to move again. Does pretty good damage. Has a 10 second cooldown, and can be blocked by Curse mana shields. Normal mana shields will negate the knockback, but you will still receive damage. (This launches you as far as a CK m2.) Removes Fall Damage
  • Dragon Awakening - If you are downed, using this skill will strike you with lightning, healing yourself to full & picking your character up immediately. You receive golden wings and helmet temporarily for about 30 seconds, assuming you have similar buff as Dragon Blood. (Increased walk speed, attack speed) [NOTICE: Only usable once per in-game day/hour in real time]


  • Advanced Dragon Blood - Your Dragon Blood gives a significantly larger damage boost. (Comes with first skill)

Armor Stats

  • x1.7 Health
  • x1.35 Health Regen


  • Powerful: Insane damage through combos or single hits.
  • Tanky: Over double (221) HP with Sigil Helmet.
  • Great Skills: Great versatility with it's moveset. Wing Soar gives an extra jump, TSC is a fast, high damaging AoE, Dragon Awakening is a resurrection, and Dragon's Blood gets a huge upgrade. Very effective with tomeless. Dragon Roar will end combos being done on you, it will also cancel mana charge for around 2 seconds.
  • Pretty Cheap: Only 1,300 silver for max Dragon Slayer. (That includes the armor as well.)\
  • Fast as Heck: able to escape fights incredibly easy.


  • Thunder Spear Crash's Drawbacks: Missing Thunder Spear Crash (or getting blocked with a Curse Shield) leaves you open for two seconds. If you miss thunder spear crash your better pray that your not gonna get a one combo.
  • Range: You have a severe lack of projectiles, makes it hard to fight mage classes if not tome-less, though you can always wing soar and thunder spear crash away, as that launches you extremely far. Navaran Dslayer can emulate light piercer from ck or dk to bypass this problem/weakness.


  • This class is a reference to Dragon Slayer Ornstein from Dark Souls.
  • TSC's weakness can be completely negated by timing Wing Soar with Thunder Spear Crash so you are flung upwards then you strike the ground, you will not take fall damage and you will still hit your enemies.
  • This is by far one of the hardest Ordely classes to Solo as the Dragon is basically unkillable without a friend to help.
  • Navaran With emulated light piercer can solo kill the ice dragon in about 4/5 minutes but be careful if the ice dragon is not glitched, it can kill freshies in 2 - 3 hits
  • As of 10-4-2020, the Dragon now dies upon being knocked, making obtaining the class a lot easier and changing the methods to knock it.
  • Recently this class has been shadow nerfed and the armor gives noticeably less health now
  • You can try using /e meditate to see if you have enough orderly. If nothing happens when you type the emote in, you don't have enough orderly.
  • Thunder Spear Crash's range depends on the height you are. Careful to not go to high as thunder spear crash wont work and you will fall to your death.
  • When you become a Dragon Slayer your Dragon Blood reverts to the pre-nerf version.
  • The order of killing the Dragon and obtaining meditate does not matter, you just have to do them both before going to the trainer.

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