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I saw it, Sergeant, he rose from the mud, surrounded, riddled with arrows, two blades in his back… I’ve seen men die with half of those injuries, but he stood and fought like a beast, howling at the wind - those titanic whirlwind of swings left nothing alive.” - Private Otto’s report, The Southern War.


Haseldans have distinct Yellow skin, with dark brown hair and brown eyes


"Will of iron,

Born of mettle,

Steel yourselves,

Against their metal."

-Gaia Praeteritum

Haseldan *last stand* damage proving last stand multiplier

Haseldan *last stand* damage ( the amount of damage from last stand is 2x the amount of normal, proving the official damage is 2x )

Racial Abilities

  • Last Stand- When a Haseldan's health reaches below 20-25%, Last Stand will activate, increasing damage and defense by 2x for around 40 seconds. This has a cooldown of around 2 minutes. If Last Stand is triggered AFTER you get knocked by anything besides poison, fire, or instant kill sources, then you get revived with no health bonus. Be wary that fire and poison will bypass your defense buff, meaning you can be completely demolished with a single Serpent Strike if you don't have a high amount of HP.
Haseldan normal damage

haseldan normal damage


  • Day 15 - Bloodline - When activated, it brings you up from a knocked state, and restores 40 health (not 40%). It will also give you 2x attack and defense for around 30 seconds. When Bloodline ends, you will be knocked for 5 seconds. Has a cooldown of around 5-10 minutes. Jumping off the map, Resetting, Getting executed by Tespian Elixir or Dying will Cancel the cooldown and let you use it again.

Pros and Cons


  • Debatably one of the best offensive races in Rogue Lineage.
  • Haseldan is great for tanky builds because Last Stand triggers based on percentage.
  • Last Stand is a very useful ability overall, even being the most common race it has one of the best abilities.
  • Last Stand is extremely convenient in many situations of you getting knocked assuming the ability is not on cooldown. (e.g falling down ores)
  • Getting knocked by any other source of damage whilst on fire may cause Last Stand/Berserk to activate which will pick you up instantly put out the fire as well. (keep this in mind before committing fire suicide off of Oresfall) This passive may not work so be sure to roll/dash mid-air to put out the fire beforehand.
  • There are no real cons about the race itself, these are only weaknesses and flaws of the abilities.
  • Vampire works very well with Haseldan as you can regen most of your HP if you get low, while benefiting from your buffs. ( Very busted )
  • Has some of the highest combat potential of all of Gaia's races.
  • Haseldan Deep Knight During Bloodline can 1 Combo Sigil knights (Tested in ps, therefore it does more damage in gaia)
  • Has some of the highest combat potential in Gaia but only under the usage of someone more strategically advanced and experienced with this race.
  • Last stand stacks with all reviving moves (besides bloodline of course), and also stacks with all buffing moves like wraith knight's runes, dragon blood, and hyperbody. Use this to your advantage when you get low, especially with elder vampire regeneration.
  • Bloodline comboes well with classes that have ways to resist executions (Sigil Knight Commander, Wraith Knight). Since you will be knocked instead of dying, you can use bloodline right away.
  • Viribus applies to Last Stand/Willpower, so going a class that uses Snap Viribus would help you alot, as you can spam it for defense.
  • Telorum applies to Last Stand and Bloodline, will stack with dblood making it deal 63/84 damage respectively.


  • As an Offensive class with little Defensive capability. Your best defense is your offense, if the threats are not eliminated or nullified within the time bloodline has you knocked you will be raped.
  • Bloodline is almost useless against any class that has more mobility than them.
  • Last Stand is useless without proper experience and intuition.
  • Last Stand (when activated in areas with a darker color scheme or just at night) makes you essentially blind or at least unable to see clearly.
  • Though Haseldan's are determined warriors, their minds are still susceptible to manipulation and attack. In other words, Illusionist can ruin a Haseldan's day very easily.
  • If Willpower fails to activate and glitches, you cannot get restored for it. Making it like an airbag that did not deploy.
  • This is false. Moderator "LeafyI" Will restore you. anyways
  • Poison attacks will ruin your day as if you're hit with one right after Last Stand activating.
  • This race has a high skill ceiling and will not carry noobs to victory.
  • Last Stand AND Bloodline don't stack on any buff to the user that specifically MULTIPLIES damage. Notable examples of this would be Dragon's Blood, Hunter's Instinct, and the Khei blessing Mana Arm. It is of note that this even applies to the racial abilities of Haseldan, meaning Last Stand and Bloodline do not stack.
  • Last Stand and Bloodline do however, stack on buffs that add damage instead of multiplying and stack on debuffs applied to enemies. Notable examples here would be curse stacks, sigil charges, grindstone buffs, and injuries.
  • If Last Stand does not activate AFTER you are knocked then it will not revive you (e.g being poisoned burned or assaulted with Furantur)
  • Don't rely on Last Stand to activate every time, it won't happen 100% of the time.

Recommended Classes

  • Dragon Slayer: Due to the resurrection, you will still have last stand activated when you use Dragon Awakening, making you extremely powerful for the duration. Dragon Slayer also is tanky so you will get more use out of the 2x defense buff. Everything dies if you land a full combo with last stand and dragon blood on. On the extremely rare occasion you decide to pop ff on a haseldan dslayer spear crusher goes from 84 dmg in last stand dblood to ~112 dmg after landing a subzero strike. Last stand turns on at 44.2 HP with dslayer armor
  • Shinobi: Same reason as Dragon Slayer, only with more DPS instead of tankiness. Shinobi Haseldan is seen as better than Dragon Slayer Haseldan due to Shinobi having a better resurrection. This depends on the player, as dslayer's res is more utility based (attack speed, 2x regen, walkspeed, damage, etc.) While shinobi res is more combat based (attack speed, walkspeed, ruby enchant, 1/2 shadow rush cooldown, damage.) Last stand activates at 33.8 HP with shinobi armor
  • Whisperer: Silverguard and Last Stand make you basically unable to be knocked, as you will have %95 damage resistance as well as 2x damage, making Whisperer a big threat. Last stand activates at 33.8 with whisperer armor. Whispers commonly use Snap Viribus as their snap, which bloodline also applies to Snap Viribus as well.
  • Deep Knight: Extremely scary, bloodline can 1 combo many classes and insane tankiness. Last stand activates at 54 HP with deep knight armor.
  • Sigil Knight Commander/Solans: This combined with solans kills everything in the game including ubers, if one pops bloodline or is clearly in last stand its your cue to run. Last stand activates at 46.8 HP with Sigil commander armor, and also activates at 63 HP with hyperbody on. 180 damage with just a single M1 combo...
  • Dark Sigil Knight/Wraith Knight: Think of an abyssdancer in gaia, but instead of super/hyperarmor, it has spell spam and anti mana capabilities, mix those in with haseldan's own strengths and weaknesses, and you get a build that can rival kasparan dsk (corner ignis vs one shot). Runes + Racial abilities turn you into a god for their duration, dagger classes can barely scratch your HP as long as you're evamp (your buffs out defend against opal's buff against vamps), and you deal almost 50 dmg per m1 with runes and bloodline. Last stand activates at 48 HP with dsk armor and helm, and activates at 84 HP with runes (and your class armor/helm.) This is the highest possible hp and regen build for haseldan.


  • Be aware that this race does not carry runs, it is only better at ending them. So if your trying to solo progress, you will end up taking on groups and stronger enemies but ultimately be wiped if not lucky or intuitive enough.
  • You should only use Bloodline when you get knocked down, as it can bring you back temporarily from a KO state.
  • It is not a good idea to rely on Last Stand, (eg. farming Shriekers) because sometimes it fails to activate and you could die for it. Due to your screen being darkened and tinted red, it can basically blind you at night or in other dark places of Rogue.
  • A Haseldan's damage buffs don't affect the damage dealt with spells, however it does affect damage done by viribus and snap viribus. It also affects snarvindur.
  • Haseldans turn into Askarians upon entering Khei.
  • Jumping from non-fatal heights can cause Last Stand to activate picking you up from a knocked state, at this time you could pop a Bone Growth and/or Health Potion. This can be viable when escaping Tundra since you can likely just jump down (not if it's from fatal-heights) to Oresfall and dash to the doctor.
  • Last stand can activate when you're knocked down or knocked fully, being knocked mid-combo may cause last stand to pick you up only to be finished off by the ending of your opponents combo. So plan your move as when you get up in fights, you get 100% stun resistance for about a second.
  • There is no passive designed specifically to revive you alike Bloodline, this only happens if Last Stand activates while you're knocked or knocked down.
  • Last Stand acts as basically the Sturdy Passive insuring you never die easily.
  • Last Stand is good for activating your fight or flight, for example, if you're knocked by Shriekers do to high ping and Last Stand revives you. You're gonna haul ass.
  • Bloodline knocks you for 4.5
  • You can counteract the bloodline auto knock by climbing unto a wall right before you're knocked. You will be on the wall and still be able to move but you cannot do anything else.
  • Last Stand is busted, a mere bronze sword action surge will end someone's entire career. A simple Rising Dragon will put that Gaia Dweller out of commission. One Triple Strike and Spear Crusher combined ought to put that Gaia Dweller and his house out of business. One wrong move from that vampire and before they know it, they are ash. Any idiot who dare oppose the might of a Haseldan veteran will be reduced to nothing but a steaming pulp. The more damage your enemy does, the quicker they get capped in the ass.
  • If you are a Haseldan Evamp Deep Knight you can get down to Last Stand and then regen back to full hp while still in rage mode by using Deep Sacrifice and Leviathan Plunge (you still get knocked from bloodline no matter what)
  • Common does not mean bad, there are extremely powerful builds with Haseldan that can one-shot almost anyone.