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Quests are objectives given to the player by NPCs. There is a multitude of quests in Rogue Lineage which are very different from one other. Typically doing a quest will reward you in some way. Most non-repeatable quests give 5 orderly. This has been tested. Quests that do not give chaotic or orderly are mentioned on each quest.


Orderly Quests

  • Turnip Quest
    • In Alana, Talk to the man who's standing at a wooden stall who asks you for some Turnips. Go to either Flowerlight Town or Castle Sanctuary and buy a turnip for him, then return to Alana to finish the quest, giving you 10 Silvers and 2 Orderly. This quest is repeatable after 1 hour (1 in-game day.) (You also must be day 1 to do this.) (You are able to get a turnip beforehand to do the quest.)
  • Toilet Hand Quest
    • Find Flowerlight Town. Find a house that has a toilet in it. Talk to the hand in the toilet upstairs, then talk to the girl downstairs and she will give you a love letter. Give the hand the love letter for 4 Orderly.
  • Ice Protection Quest
  • Scroom Girl Quest
  • Skycastle Vind Quest
    • Deliver a flower from Vind at the entrance to the Sky Castle. Give the flower to the woman who gave you a room in Flowerlight Town. Gives 4 Orderly.
      • You need 1 day to start this quest. It also gives a decent amount of silvers. If you don’t talk back to the quest giver you won’t receive the orderly, but you will get the 30 Silvers. You also don’t have to talk back to the quest giver for seer.
  • Homeless Man Quest (Dormin) [repeatable]
    • Talk to the homeless man in Oresfall and give him 1 Silver. This quest is repeatable after 1 hour (1 in-game day.) Gives 5 Orderly. Repeating this quest gives 2 Orderly.
  • Liquid Wisdom Potion Quest

Chaotic/Orderly Quests

  • Sky Castle Painting Quest
    • Find the person before the painting "The Starry Night". This gives 2 Orderly/2 Chaotic depending on which option you choose.
  • Sky Castle Sky Gazing Quest
    • Find the girl who is gazing at the sky. This gives 2 Orderly/2 Chaotic depending on which option you choose.
  • Sick Girl Quest
  • Reynauld Quest
    • Find Reynauld in the Tundra and take the dagger from him. Give the dagger to Hespe at the Tower On the Wall for Order or give the dagger to Nero at Alana for Chaos.
    • You need to be a Super Class+ in order to receive this quest, or else he'll just turn you away, telling you to "bring someone strong".
    • Giving the dagger to Hespe gives 3 orderly, and giving Reynauld a health potion while initially talking to him gives an extra 1 orderly (not tested).

Chaotic Quests

  • Cursed Tag Quest [repeatable]
    • Go to Alana and talk to Nero in one of the houses, who is looking at a map. Bring him a Cursed Tag for 2 Chaos and around 10 Silvers. This quest is repeatable after 1 hour (1 in-game day,) and requires 1 day. Currently unknown if repeating this quest gives less chaotic.
  • Shrieker Eye Quest [repeatable]
    • Go to Renova Town and talk to Vine, leaning against the Inn. Bring her a Shrieker Eye for Chaotic. This quest is repeatable after 1 hour (1 in-game day.) Currently unknown if repeating this quest gives less chaotic. Must be day 1 to get the quest.

Neutral Quests

  • Idol of the Forgotten Quest
    • Talk to the person in front of the house with the Sick Girl quest in Oresfall and buy his Idol. This doesn't give orderly nor chaotic. This just gives free silvers.
    • A small "story" regarding this quest and the Sick Girl quest is that this man is the Sick Girl's father, and is trying to sell his trinket to be able to afford a doctor for her.
    • He sells the Idol for 2 Silvers yet a Merchant buys it for 5, meaning that doing this quest technically rewards you with 3 extra Silvers.
  • Wooden Chair Quest
    • Talk to Golis at Isle of Eth in the smallest house, who asks you to find him a supplier of wood and nails. The NPC that sells swords and the Ranger's Outfit at Alana will give you wood, and the blacksmith in Oresfall gives you nails. You need at least day 1 to recieve the nails. Once you return. you can choose to get the Wooden Chair or 50 Silvers.
    • If you choose to get the silver, you can later buy the chair from him for 60 Silvers.
    • The chair is soulbound.
  • Sigil Helmet Quest
    • Go to Castle Sanctuary in the Tundra. Get a Howler Fang and show it to Draug, the NPC near the entrance (Sigil Knights doesn't need a Howler Fang). Talk to Kyley near the grass beds and receive Kyley's Promise, then find the Sword Statue (Directly in front of Dragon Sage's trainer) and place the flower on it. Go back to Kyley to get your Sigil Helmet and complete the quest.
    • This doesn't give orderly, but you need to be orderly. (Tested.)
    • Leaving at any point during this quest will reset it, and you'll have to get Kyley's Promise and put it on the statue again if you didn't fully finish the quest (didn't receive the Sigil Helm.)
  • Pocket Sand Quest
    • Talk to Tal in Desert 3, where he'll be sitting near a campfire in the ruins. He will talk about his troubles as a magician as he is seemingly poor. He will then ask you if you want to learn a trick, for price of 20 Silvers. Accepting his offer will have him Pocket Sand you and he will then run away. You must catch up to him and click on him before he disappears. If successfully done so, he will then beg for you to let him live in return to learn pocket sand as a move.
      • It is recommended to be day 1 to have mana run as well as some sort of armor that gives you a speed boost. Tal is surprisingly fast, and most players have fallen for his tricks because of this. Also, it is recommended to be on the side of the campfire towards Emeraldstone Tavern so that you can get a head start.
      • Be careful not to stand too close to the campfire as when Tal pocket sands you, you can fall in and take huge amounts of burn damage.
      • If you hold block while accepting the quest, Tal's Pocket Sand will not hit you which makes the quest a lot easier.

Khei Neutral Quests

  • Crystal Roots Quest
    • Talk to Sayana in The Grand Archive, she is in the library, on the left side of the archive. Talking to her and asking for a scroll will give you the option to get the quest from Kisov, the man in front of the archive. He will request you to bring 3 Crystal Roots to him. Once you complete the quest, you will be able to talk to all of the NPCs in The Grand Archive and use their services.
      • When you first go into The Grand Archive, most of the NPCs will not interact with you, which is why this quest is essential to access the services in it, like Scroll Roulette or House making. Incorrect, you do not need to do the crystal root quest to make a house.
  • Gulnir's Delivery Quest
    • Talk to Volker in Gulnir's Keep. He will ask you to deliver a letter (?) to a girl in Morokh's Reservoir, that girl being Aurelija. Once you deliver it to her, go back to Volker and complete the quest. Will net you 100 Valu.
  • Staff Quest
    • Talk to Rasem in The Grand Archive. He is in the rightmost side of the archive. He can make you a staff, but will need materials for it, specifically wood from the Vaya tree. Look for a big tree in the Prairie, and find Adomas sitting under the tree (This is Plains 3). He will sell you a Vaya log in exchange for 500 Valu. Return to Rasem and finish the quest.
      • You need to complete the Crystal Roots Quest before you are able to access this.
      • You lose the staff on death, and the second time you buy the log it will become 750 Valu. Does not increase over 750 thankfully.