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Far in the distance, a grim tower watches over the burning sands...

The Sea of Dust is a vast desert found at the entrance into Sentinel opposite of Cardinal Crossing. It is one of the three main areas of the map and one of the largest locations in Gaia. It is the only a place where it is possible to obtain Polar Plants, Lava Flowers, Scroom, Glowscrooms, Trotes, Moss Plants, freeleaf, and rarely, Desert Mist.


Front Sea of Dust Angle .png
  • Fallen building (Tal NPC location, Pocket Sand trainer)


  • The ravine in which Southern Sanctuary is located also contains many ores.
  • Paradiso is the only location where it is possible to find Desert Mist.
  • Moss Plants and Freeleaf can spawn at Emeraldstone Taven or near Renova Town.
  • Trotes can spawn near Vincent's Speakeasy between some barrels.
  • Scrooms can be found on the Giant's Staircase.
  • Necromancer Church is the entrance to sewers.
  • The All Dark can only be accessed by Greatswords who have completed their quest or Abyss Walkers. It is located the abyss below the Necromancer Church. Jumping in when neither of these will kill you.
  • If you have a Rift Gem, one must talk to the Azael at the Obelisk in order to use it.