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A magical white glowing elixir.

If you are lower than 10 Orderly it will deal 10 damage when consumed and give you 2 Orderly. Once you reach 10 Orderly it will stop giving orderly and stop dealing damage and instead heal you by 25 HP.

They give nearly half the Toxicity of a HP potion, meaning despite healing you less they're more efficient and economic (not exactly more economic, HP Potion has no moss plants but 1 more scroom) to drink rather than HP potions if you're orderly.



  • If you are at 120 chaotic(60 grips), you have to drink 65 tespians in order to get to 10 orderly.
  • Drinking 5 of these in a row (enough to the point where they'll stop giving you orderly) will not overload you with toxicity, you'll be at about 90%, but you won't die.
  • (math time) 16.37 * 5 = 83.3
  • (more math) If you're max alchemist you have 200 toxicity so 16.67 * 10 = 166.7 | 166.7 + 16.67 = 183.37
  • So if you're max alchemist you can drink 11 tespians without dying.
  • This potion does not affect rots.
  • If you're low enough and have less than 10 orderly, Tespians can "Execute" you. If you're not in combat, you won't lose a life and you will receive the orderly. (I've tested this, this is true)
  • Basically if you do 60 Scroom grips for your class you will need 60 Tespians to get back to neutral and about 65 to make it to 10 order
  • For every tespian you drink you get 2 order which means it can undo a grip (1 grip is two chaotic).