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Armors are listed below.

For some reason, Climb Boost is coded as x1.1 or x1.2 etc, but each 0.1 equals 50% extra climb speed. The Climb Boost values shown on this page are the actual climbing speed multipliers. If an armor on this page says "x1.25 Climb", it gives x1.25 climbing speed, not x2.25 climbing speed.

Viewers may notice that the sign in front of "Cold Resistance" was changed to a "+" sign. This is intentional, as Cold Resistance is linear. However, the time amounts will be inaccurate if the Tundra in Khei does not reduce temperature at the same rate as the Tundra in Gaia.

As soon as you go to khei (including private servers) you get 125 base health instead of 100 in gaia

By the way Armors you bring into Khei with you do not stack with your uber armor. So you can bring a tundra ranger if your armor has low climb speed

Health Calculation

In Khei, your character has a base health stat of 125 HP. To calculate your health, multiply 125 by your armor's HP multiplier. Afterwards, multiply that number by your helmet's multiplier. Finally, if there are any additional sources of health boosts, such as the Paladinas passive, multiply that as well.

Example: Sigil Knight Commander with Sigil Helmet (without Hyper Body/Paladinas)

125 × 1.8 = 225 (Errant Armor)

225 × 1.3 = 292.5 (Sigil Helmet)

A Sigil Knight Commander with their Sigil Helmet on will have a total of 292.5 Health in Khei.

Armor Health Pools

x1.2 HP (Judicar of Teisumas)

  • 150 Health with No Helmet
  • 195 Health with Sigil Helmet

x1.4 HP (Duelist, Monster Hunter, Uber Bard, Vhiunese Monk)

  • 175 Health with No Helmet
  • 228 Health with Sigil Helmet

x1.45 HP (Crystal Sage, Friendless One, Shinobi)

  • 181 Health with No Helmet
  • 236 Health with Sigil Helmet

x1.5 HP (Sunaikinti's Blessed, Worm Prophet)

  • 188 Health with No Helmet
  • 244 Health with Sigil Helmet

x1.65 HP (Upgraded Gaian Armor)

  • 206 Health with No Helmet
  • 268 Health with Sigil Helmet

x1.75 HP (Abyss Dancer, Dragon Rider)

  • 219 Health with No Helmet
  • 284 Health with Sigil Helmet

x1.8 HP (Abomination, Pilgrim Knight, Reaper)

  • 225 Health with No Helmet
  • 293 Health with Sigil Helmet
  • 338 Health with Dark Sigil Helmet (Reaper Only)/Deep Knight Helmet (Abomination Only)
  • 351 Health with Sigil Helmet and Paladinas (Pilgrim Knight Only)
Uber Armors


  • x1.8 Health
  • 1.45x Health Regen
  • +1.2 Cold Resist (3 Minutes and 24 Seconds in the Tundra)
  • x1.25 Climb Boost

Abyss Dancer

  • x1.75 Health
  • x1.5 Health Regen
  • +1.45 Cold Resist (3 Minutes and 54 Seconds in the Tundra)

Crystal Sage

  • x1.45 Health
  • x1.5 Scholar Boon
  • x2 Health Regen
  • x1.25 Fall resist

Dragon Rider

  • x1.75 Health
  • x1.45 Health Regen
  • x1.25 Climb Boost


  • x1.4 Health Boost
  • x1.3 Health Regen
  • x3 Climb Boost
  • +5 Speed

Friendless One

  • x1.45 Health
  • x1.4 Health Regen
  • x3 Climb Boost
  • +1.2 Cold Resist (3 Minutes and 24 Seconds in the Tundra)
  • A bit of fall resistance
  • +6 Speed Boost

Judicar of Teisumas (Gravity manipulator)

  • x1.20 Health
  • x1.75 Health Regen
  • x1.75 Scholars Boon

Monster Hunter

  • x1.4 Health
  • x1.45 Health Regen
  • x1.25 Climb Boost
  • x1.35 Scholars Boon
  • Curse Stack Immunity

Pilgrim Knight

  • x1.8 Health
  • x1.25 Health Regen

With Paladinas Passive:

  • +5 Speed
  • Attack Speed Boost
  • x1.2 Health


  • x1.8 Health
  • x1.6 Health Regen


  • x1.45 Health
  • x1.4 Health Regen
  • x2.5 Climb Boost
  • x1.25 Fall Resist
  • +3 speed

Sunaikinti's Blessed (Uber Oni)

  • x1.5 Health
  • +2 Cold Resist (5 Minutes in the Tundra)
  • x1.6 Fist M1? Damage
  • +4 speed


  • x1.4 Health
  • x1.25 Health Regen
  • x2.25 Climb Boost
  • +1.4 Cold Resist (3 Minutes and 48 Seconds in the Tundra)
  • +4 Speed

Vhiunese Monk

  • x1.4 Health
  • x1.65 Health Regen (Presumed)
  • x2.5 Climb Boost
  • +1.25 Cold Resist (3 Minutes and 30 Seconds in the Tundra)

Worm Prophet

  • x1.5 Health
  • x1.8 Health Regen
  • +1.3 Cold Resist (3 Minutes and 36 Seconds in the Tundra)